Obama Spending Cuts = a Drop in the Bucket

This article on Obama’s latest budget spending cuts reports that he intends to cut only $17 billion out of a budget that is more than $3 trillion. While some of the programs cut are definitely worth slashing, by my math, that’s a cut of less than one percent. The article says that Obama referred to the cuts as “belt-tightening he likened to that of most Americans in difficult times.” Yeah, a whole one percent. Wow! I’m pretty sure most struggling families right now have cut their spending by a little more than that.

Note also the spending increases he intends to make:

• Plowing $2 billion more into merit-based teacher pay to help failing schools turn around. He would spend $370 million on a successor to the Reading First literacy program, a key element of Bush’s No Child Left Behind law.

• Spending an additional $584 million for pandemic flu efforts, on top of the $1.5 billion in emergency money for 2009 that he asked Congress for in the wake of the swine flu outbreak.

• Increasing child nutrition programs by $1 billion, partly to pay for a 20 percent increase in the number of food inspectors.

• Setting up a $1 billion program to develop or rehabilitate housing for the poor.

Way to sacrifice, Mr. President! Never mind the question of if these items are permissable under the Constitution. With fiscal responsibility like this, we should be out of debt by, oh, I don’t know … never!

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