Get Government Out of Marriage?

In a piece posted today on the Campaign for Liberty Web site, Jerry Salcido makes an interesting argument that government should get out of the business of licensing marriages. He calls it a “separation of marriage and state.” One interesting point he makes is:

Thanks to the state, marriage is no longer a covenant between two people or between two people and God. No, marriage is a state classification, which connotes state-provided benefits or detriments. Marriage is married to the state imposed tax structure and the state created probate system, and in many instances marriage defines the powers of the state over the married individuals.

This unholy union between the state and marriage has transformed marriage from an inalienable or natural right in which government’s only place was as protector of that right, to a civil right in which the state became the creator of the right.

It’s an interesting take on the ever-encroaching power of the state in our daily lives. I offered a similar argument in a column I wrote for The Oracle a few years ago.

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