Linking “Hate Speech” to Murder

One rather disturbing trend taking place after the killing of George Tiller, the “partial-birth” or “late-term” (depending on your degree of political correctness) abortion doctor, has been to blame those who spoke out against Tiller’s actions for his death. MSNBC, particularly host Keith Olbermann, has been the most vocal on this in the last few days. Here is a clip from Olbermann’s show, Countdown, exemplifying this:

In sum, the argument seems to be that this alleged “hate speech” incites people to violence. One particularly misplaced link is mentioned by Olbermann in the clip at around 4:47. There he implies that one of Bernard Goldberg’s books, listing 100 people the author believed are “screwing up” America, is in someway partially responsible for a man involved in a previous shooting incident.

One can’t help but think that the efforts by the likes of MSNBC and Olbermann are motivated both by ideology and money. They want to silence their ideological opponents and demonize them by linking them, however incorrectly, to the murder of Tiller. This would act in a way to marginalize the pro-life movement. They also have a profit motive in demonizing the competition, Fox News. MSNBC is far behind Fox News in the ratings and Olbermann’s 8 pm show is in direct competition with Bill O’Reilly’s 8 pm show. It’s a no-brainer.

This unfortunate incident highlights the danger in the push to criminalize so-called “hate speech.” Typically, a suspect link between the speech and some action by a lone extremist is used by the other side to silence that speech.

Of course the vast majority of those who are pro-life, by their very definition, do not support these lone acts of violence and murder against abortion doctors. Actions are far different than speech. We would do well to remind ourselves that protections for free speech weren’t meant to protect just politically-correct speech.

3 Responses to Linking “Hate Speech” to Murder

  1. Sheryl Young says:

    Ha, Adam you and I are on the same track. I published something about this “hate speech” blame game and the Tiller murder at my blog, and at my page at Associated which ended up topping the “Most Comments” for 2 days because the hateful rhetoric I received from those who say they’re tolerant. It made a lot more people come to the article. It seems if conservatives speak out on any issue, they are inciting violence – AND will get every other issue that any and every conservative has spoken about thrown up in their face. But, hey, liberals can say anything they want and it doesn’t incite anything but good feelings. Yeah. Right. That’s why churches get vandalized. You can see my “lighter” version at:, or the heavy hitter with all the comments (good and bad) at

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