Click-It or Ticket?

Hillsborough County, Florida, under the implementation of a new state law, just started actively looking for drivers not wearing their seat belts today. In their first day, they ticketed more than 200 people. Each ticket amounts to $101 in the county. One officer was quoted as saying:

“People think we’re like Big Brother, that they should be able to do whatever they want,” sheriff’s Cpl. Ed Raburn said before writing his sixth seat belt violation of the afternoon. “I’m not going to reach in there and force you to put it on, but if you choose not to, you choose to accept the consequences.”

Gee, I wonder why people would think the police stopping and ticketing people who are doing nothing to harm others is “like Big Brother”? The word paternalism comes to mind. Government, despite its legitimate function of protecting individuals from other individuals who seek to violate their rights, tends to always overreach to the point to where it treats its citizens as children in need of protecting from not just others but from themselves.

One Response to Click-It or Ticket?

  1. […] Else” campaign (stopping and ticketing drivers for failure to where their seat belts) that I blogged on on July 1. We’ll see if I have any luck in getting it published. One story on the issue […]

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