Governments to Regulate Temperature Setting … of the Planet?

If believing they can actually manage and plan their own countries’ economies wasn’t enough, this story sheds further light on the extent of the arrogance of many of the world’s politicians. It seems that President Obama and other leaders in the G-8 have agreed to a tentative deal that they believe “will keep temperatures from rising more than 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit above average levels of more than a century ago.” The lead to the story worded it this way:

“The world’s leading industrial nations have tentatively agreed on a plan to prevent global temperatures from rising above a fixed level …”

So, there is now no more masking the pride which politicians hold in themselves. They now actually believe they are gods, able to control the world’s climate. I’m sure they’ll be just as successful with that as they have been with everything else they’ve sought control of, right?

What makes Obama think he and other politicians can master the world’s average temperature, given that the U.S. government can’t even run a mail-carrying or passenger-rail system efficiently? The answer: pure arrogance.

One Response to Governments to Regulate Temperature Setting … of the Planet?

  1. […] That’s not a comforting thought to many voters or a president whose own seemingly unbendable faith in the power of political rhetoric and big government programs tends to blind him to inconvenient realities. At one point, Obama and other leaders in the G-8 even had the audacity to believe they could control global temperatures.  […]

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