Federal Budget “Cuts”? More Like “Nicks.”

Under orders from President Obama, federal government departments have found a little over $100 million in cost-savings they can implement. One of the more noteworthy reduction efforts: using both sides of paper when printing.

Most of the other cuts are comparatively minimal when placed against the mounting debt our government owes. This is not to mention future expenses that may result from further “progressive” actions planned by Obama and Congress, particularly in the realm of health care.

One Republican spokesman put the cuts in telling perspective by noting the following:

If the administration produces $100 million in savings every 98 days for the rest of Mr. Obama’s term, the savings will total $1.5 billion, or three days of interest on the federal debt.

With the current level of spending, it’s more like one baby step forward and two thousand giant leaps back. One small step at a time, Mr. President? Good luck; you’re going to need it.

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