More Health-Care Tidbits

More tidbits on the health-care “reform” debate … where to start?

First, there is this great article from The Wall Street Journal by the CEO of Whole Foods, John Mackey, that lays out several free-market, less-government steps that can be taken to reform health care in terms of cost. It’s a breath of fresh air compared to the plans currently making their way through Congress. One of my favorites is the idea of promoting higher deductible insurance plans, that are meant to cover more of the major expenses and less of the routine things, and health savings accounts with employer contributions.

Second, there is this hype from the media over a man carrying a legal, registered firearm to a protest outside of an Obama event. Admittedly, the full quote referenced in his protest sign does mention the death of tyrants, but the level of disbelief and shock in the minds of these MSNBC commentators (I include the “anchor” as a commentator given his lack of objectivity) in the following video, is disturbing. They seem to be mesmerized by the fact that someone can own and actually carry a gun with them!

And then finally, at least for today, there is this great cartoon mocking the Democrat response to the health-care “reform” protesters:


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