Grad Sues College Because of Unemployment

If lawsuits like this one could stand up in court, there would be a lot of college’s going bankrupt. In this down-turned economy, someone like the recent graduate in this CNN story — with only a 2.7 gpa — shouldn’t be suprised they haven’t found a job in the three months since graduating.

I certainly understand her frustration with not finding a job, but, honestly? I assume she feels entitled to a job since she now has a bachelor’s degree. Maybe she shouldn’t go around hyping the fact that she only had a 2.7 GPA.

This quote from the article is hysterical:

As Thompson sees it, any reasonable employer would pounce on an applicant with her academic credentials, which include a 2.7 grade-point average and a solid attendance record.

Last I checked, running around saying, “Hey, I’m a C student!” isn’t exactly the best way to land a job — at least not a good one.

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