No Longer Propaganda?

Since I originally blogged on President Obama’s upcoming speech (and accompanying activity) with the children in the nation’s government-run schools, the lesson plan/activity wording has been revised to make it sound less, well, creepy. It used to ask kids what they could do to help the president. Now the wording is less disturbing.

The White House said it intends to release the text of the president’s speech a day before he makes it. In truth, especially given the media attention to it, the speech will probably be rather harmless. Let’s hope he sticks to the tone of the following video found on the White House Web site:

Nevertheless, Obama would do well to find out who put the offending “help the president” line in the original lesson plan and have a long talk with them.

One Response to No Longer Propaganda?

  1. […] president’s infamous speech to school children earlier this month brought much debate and controversy. In turns out that the actual speech did not really live up to the hype claiming it to be […]

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