Health-Care Hype

Perusing the White House Web site can be enlightening at times. Recently, while setting out on such an endeavor, I noticed some interesting tidbits.

One was a statement claiming that “under the status quo, around half of all Americans under 65 will lose their health coverage at some point in the next ten years.” This was attributed to a recent report from the Treasury Department. Naturally, the site noted that Obama “pledges not to allow this future to unfold.”

What underlies this statistic is the fact that several Americans will also change jobs over the next ten years. Given that a large number of individuals obtain their health insurance from their employer, this obviously means that they would go without it in the short transition period between jobs.

There are several other statistics reported in the study that are not-so-subtly used to promote the idea of health-insurance reform (formerly known as “health-care reform” until the polls showed that such a concept was viewed in an increasingly negative light). What the statistics really show is a need for health-insurance portability — meaning that individuals would own their insurance plans, not their employers. That result can be achieved without the drastic measures proposed under the various congressional plans that have been dubbed part of “Obamacare.”

But politicians don’t like smaller, less risky measures. They like to turn everything into a “crisis,” which enables them to cease more of our freedoms in the name of protecting us.

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