MSNBC Continues to Demonize Critics

Lately, MSNBC has taken to the practice of demonizing and negatively stereotyping those individuals and groups opposed to President Obama and his “progressive” ideas.

Take for example this recent MSNBC segment on the insanity of evangelical Christians (note: this video was posted by someone who obviously agrees with the conversation in the clip, judging by the text in the intro. and end of the clip):

So, Christians who actually believe in the 2nd coming are nutty. And, to top it off, they don’t believe in science. This just goes to show why MSNBC has found it hard to achieve ratings anywhere near that of Fox News. Stereotyping Christians as anti-intellectual “villiage idiots” isn’t going to help them gain more viewers.

And, then, take this clip as just one example of their persistent insinuations that critics of “Obamacare” are racists:

This is part of their agenda. They want to marginalize groups who disagree with them. They question whether those critical of health-care “reform” are just opposed to it because they are racists, and they outright refer to evangelical Christians as ignorant and not worth listening to.

The result they aim for is to avoid any actual reasoned debate with these critics by dismissing them as nuts. Forget rationally discussing the real issues in question.

* See this previous post for another example of MSNBC’s misleading coverage of the health-care debate and its relation to race.

One Response to MSNBC Continues to Demonize Critics

  1. […] But when news of his death first broke, many in the media jumped on the characterization of the incident as just another example of how right-wing, anti-government sentiments can lead to violent acts. It played into their preconceived narrative. […]

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