School Indoctrination?

The lead-up to the president’s infamous speech to school children earlier this month brought much debate and controversy. In turns out that the actual speech did not really live up to the hype claiming it to be indoctrination of children.

But just when you thought the debate over possible indoctrination of school children was over, here comes this video to reflect on:

This was filmed at a New Jersey elementary school and has been circulating through the media in the last day or so. We hear a lot about the “indoctrination” of children in public schools today, but seldom do we have concrete examples.

And here is one more example from the Glenn Beck program:

These are clear examples of indoctrinating kids into praising the president and rejecting capitalism. To take these two anecdotal examples as indicative of the entire public-education system would be a stretch, but incidents like this should alarm parents.

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