Welfare/Warfare Spending Comparison

CNS News is reporting that President Obama’s spending on welfare programs through next year will be greater than the entire bill for the Iraq War from the first bombing all the way until the end of President Bush’s presidency. The total cost of the Iraq War under Bush was $622 billion. Obama’s proposed welfare spending will total $697 billion in the first fiscal year.

One telling fact from this story is the following disturbing numbers comparing welfare spending with war spending in the past:

Welfare spending has taken its toll on the federal debt. Since the beginning of the “war on poverty,” $15.9 trillion has been spent on welfare programs. The total cost of every war in American history, starting with the American Revolution, is $6.4 trillion when adjusted for inflation.

The next time someone tells you the government spends too much money on the military in relation to social welfare, point them to stories like this.

One Response to Welfare/Warfare Spending Comparison

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