‘Moore’ Misinformation

Michael Moore’s new documentary (read: misinformation) movie takes aim at capitalism. Here is a trailer for the movie:

By the looks of his statements and promotion of the film, one of his main lines of criticism is the marathon of corporate bailouts that have taken place over the last year. Take for example his comments around 4:19 in this clip:

He also has discussed the fact that politicians get a lot of campaign contributions from corporations in his television interviews and mocks the bailouts in this teaser for the film.

One problem for his thesis is that bailouts do not represent capitalism. If anything, bailouts represent fascism — a corrupt entanglement between government and private industry.

Real capitalism rejects any type of bailout, whether it be bailouts of low-income individuals through welfare programs, industries through protectionist tariffs or banks through what the politicians euphemistically refer to as “injections of liquidity.” Capitalism does not play favorites when it comes to government handouts; it rejects the very idea of government handouts.

Moore points to the cozy relationship between big business and government and blames it on capitalism. The problem is that he fails to realize that this corrupt relationship is not capitalism. Moore’s films have a history of distortions and misinformation; it looks like we can add his confused definition of capitalism to the list.

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