Abortion Amendments Voted Down

Adding further controversy to the issue of abortion and health-care “reform” was the rejection of two abortion amendments by the Senate Finance Committee today.

Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (left) and Ranking Member Charles Grassley

Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (left) and Ranking Member Charles Grassley

The first amendment would have inserted stronger language making it clear that abortion would never be covered under government-subsidized plans. The second notched up opt-out protections for health-care providers who object to providing certain procedures like abortion because of moral issues. Both were voted down by the Committee 13-10.

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), the Finance Committee member who proposed the funding amendment, is arguing that the vote against the amendment leaves a worrisome ambiguity in the law that could lead to taxpayer funding of abortion. He also believes that the vote against the opt-out amendment leaves too much uncertainty in the legislation.

This only adds more fuel to the fire of concern that health-care reform will eventually lead to government-funded abortion, with or without a so-called “public” (read: government) option.

5 Responses to Abortion Amendments Voted Down

  1. Kerry Beaty says:


    Kudoos to you on yet another job well done.
    Thanks for the voice! It counts!

    In Christ,
    Bro. Kerry

  2. Sheryl says:

    A pathetic and cowardly move catering to the politically correct “elite.” Great report as usual, Adam. Thanks for bringing this to light.

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