A Year of Bailouts

A year ago is when the whole flawed — and unconstitutional — government bailout frenzy began under the Bush administration with the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). This pie chart shows where the money has gone so far:

After TARP came the auto bailouts, the “stimulus” package, Cash for Clunkers and many more dubious and economically flawed government programs to help “rescue” our economy — all under Obama. But this graph tells a lot about whether these programs helped save the economy:


The actual unemployment rate has risen well beyond the White House projections for both with and without the recovery plan. Thanks for all your help Washington!

You would think reason would tell politicians to leave things alone from now on. But to ask a politician to listen to reason is typically a complete waste of time — almost as much a waste of time as these bailouts were.

4 Responses to A Year of Bailouts

  1. Bob says:

    This is typical of gov throw our money at the problem and hope it works. Bailing out the car companies and the Union was nothing more than a pay off to the Union,they should have let them go under just like any other private company. These morons leading our country have no clew as to how to fix anything ,point in mind cash for clunkers why destroy the older cars,why not let the dealers sell them but that is water under the bridge. H/C if passed will eventually cost tax payers billions if not trillions,then cap and trade another tax, immigration another loser.

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