“Progressive” Taxation as a Vote-Getter

One factor that helps enable a greater reticence to downsize Washington spending is this fact that nearly 50 percent of households in the United States do not have any federal income tax liability. This is thanks to the “progressive” income tax system in this country. Here’s a table showing what percentage of certain income groups have no federal income tax liability:

Despite what “progressives” may argue, the tax system in this country is weighted heavily in favor of those with lower incomes. Take for example this humorous explanation of the tax system from Glenn Beck’s program:

The result of nearly half of the population not having to pay federal income taxes is that they are less prone to oppose measures by the government that hike up the debt — to be paid at a later time by those who actually do pay income taxes. Politicians who further shift the tax burden to a smaller group gain an increased constituency: those who no longer have to pay the taxes.

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