Bipartisan Misleading

President Obama recently claimed that the Senate Finance Committee’s version of a health-care “reform” bill “enjoys the support of people from both parties.” He made a similar assertion in his weekly radio address, noting the following:

Just this week, the Senate Finance Committee approved a reform proposal that has both Democratic and Republican support.

A more accurate statement would be to say that it had support from only one Republican: Olympia Snowe of Maine. And even that support was qualified. Take for example her statement in the following clip, particularly at around 2:10:

A Wall Street Journal report noted that the ranking Republican on that committee, Chuck Grassley, actually stated that the bill bore an increasingly partisan imprint. And Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell observed that the bill would become increasingly partisan as it was just one of several bills that would need to be merged together to form a final product.

This leads one to believe that this bit of misleading rhetoric on the part of Obama must not be, in his mind, as bad as the insurance companies’ efforts to “mislead the American people” — something he criticized in the same weekly radio address.

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