Chavez and His “Kingdom of God Here on Earth”

A few posts ago, I wrote briefly on “liberation theology” — a political movement that amounts to basically Marxism wrapped in Christian clothing. Now comes this interesting quote in the Venezuelan news (translated by Google) from Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez:

Every day I’m more revolutionary, more socialist every day I’m … I’m taking Venezuela toward socialism, the people and workers … Nor is negotiated revolution, socialism or negotiated, because every day I am more convinced that socialism is the kingdom of God here on earth. That’s what came to proclaim Christ.

The problem is that a socialized vision of “the kingdom of God here on earth” involves forcibly taking money and property from people — something Jesus was not in favor of and something the Bible refers to as “stealing.” Stealing still is, the last I checked, forbidden in one of the Ten Commandments.

One Response to Chavez and His “Kingdom of God Here on Earth”

  1. […] that of the “social gospel” and “liberation theology.” This ideology views salvation and liberation for individuals as a matter of material well-being and equal distribution of resources. A chief […]

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