Most Americans: Bills to Long

In an interesting news tidbit, it seems that most Americans, as should be expected, may view the length of congressional bills as troublesome. A recent Zogby poll asked respondents if they agreed that bills were so long because of the following:

… provisions to benefit special interests can be more easily buried in long bills, and so citizens cannot decipher the legislative language quickly enough to be able to communicate support or opposition to their Senators or Members of Congress before a vote is taken.

More than 80 percent of those polled agreed with that statement at least somewhat. More than 60 percent strongly agreed.

For some perspective, here is a graphic from the Heritage Foundation comparing the length of certain health-care bills:

The length of the bills is certainly a big problem (pun intended). But what is often overlooked is the question of if these bills are even constitutional.

Here are a couple of hints at the answer to the constitutional issue in terms of one specific provision in the health bills:

  1. The Individual Mandate and the Constitution
  2. More From the Judge on the Constitutionality of the Individual Mandate

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