Medicare = No Care?

In an interesting development on the health-care front, one of the health-care institutions applauded by President Obama has decided to no longer accept Medicare patients in one of its offices in Arizona. The reason: The government reimbursement rates are too low.

The president of the American Academy of Family Physicians noted the problem the following way:

It is very common that we hear that Medicare is below costs or barely covering costs.

The problem is simple. Good medical care, like that at Mayo, costs money. That’s one point that is often lost in the health-care “reform” debate. While certain measures like decreased regulation and increased competition across state lines — which, for the most part, have not been pursued — may lower costs, good medical care is still going to cost money.

Unfortunately, current “reform” efforts burdening individuals, employers and insurance companies with more mandates will only exacerbate the cost of care.

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