The ‘Broken Window Fallacy’ and Sinkholes?

In viewing the dilemma my local area (Plant City, Florida) is facing with sinkholes and dried-up wells resulting from the watering of strawberry fields to prevent crop damage amid the recent cold snap, I’ve noticed the reemergence of the infamous “broken window fallacy” noted by Bastiat. Henry Hazlitt also covered this flawed line of economic reasoning in his book “Economics in One Lesson” on page 11 (p. 17 in this .pdf file).

I’ve written a short column on the issue and submitted it to the Tampa Tribune. Either way, it will most likely be posted on this blog in the next few days.

One Response to The ‘Broken Window Fallacy’ and Sinkholes?

  1. […] however, have referred to this reasoning as the “broken window fallacy.” In this example, the optimist may argue that there is a chain-reaction of beneficial […]

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