Public Health and “Social Justice”

A recently received email through my school (University of South Florida) promoting a graduate public-health course caught my eye.  The course description describes the subject of the class as an examination of ethnic and racial disparities “in health outcomes and access to healthcare services.” The description also insinuates that these disparities are largely a result of class, social power and “structural socioeconomic inequality.”

Even more interesting are the course objectives. The following is a list of those objectives:

Notice the key word “social justice.” Unfortunately, more often than not that is code for government-coerced (read: forced) redistribution of wealth and resources (read: socialism). That presumably is part of the “ways of reducing disparities.” Although, I guess that shouldn’t be surprising coming from a modern social-science course. Today — as has been the case for several decades now — many professors in the humanities and social-science fields have tended to adhere to a more left-leaning, pro-government perspective.

It’s unfortunate, however, that, at least judging by the course information, there won’t be discussion of opposing points of view to the “social justice” way of resolving the perceived disparity problem. So much for academic freedom.

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