‘Birthers’ at the Tea Party

As I watched some of C-SPAN’s coverage of the Tea Party Convention last night, I was disturbed by references again questioning the legitimacy of President Obama’s birthplace. Here is a clip exemplifying this (starting around 4:23):

As posted before, this conspiratorial thinking is not good for the cause of conservatives and libertarians. Once this dubious issue is brought up by Obama critics, anything else they say is often ignored — and maybe rightfully so. Despite facts debunking the claims of these “birthers,” this conspiracy theory is still alive and well.

Obama critics would do well to stick to legitimate criticisms of Obama’s policies (of which there are many) and avoid this type of conspiratorial thinking that is typical of the misleading half-truths and outright lies often found in chain emails. If something sounds too good to be true, it often is.

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