Olbermann’s Facts

Last night, Keith Olbermann insulted his MSNBC audience’s intelligence by claiming that House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) was wrong in saying that the health-care reform legislation can’t be passed. Olbermann indignantly corrected Boehner by saying, “Uhh, the bill passed in your chamber, Mr. Boehner. Maybe you were in tanning bed number four at the time.” Here is a clip of that segment.

The problem is that the House and Senate passed two different bills; neither has passed a final (reconciled) bill. No bill is enacted into law without both the Senate and House approving it (and the president signing it). Olbermann failed to either acknowledge or remember that fact. Boehner was clearly referring to a final, conference bill not being able to pass.

Olbermann tends to make it a point on his program to one-up those he disagrees with by pointing out their occasional factual errors or hypocrisy. Maybe he should have thought a little longer before attempting this one. For him to think that his audience wouldn’t notice this misstatement of the facts is hard to swallow.

One Response to Olbermann’s Facts

  1. George McGrady says:

    For those keeping score at home, that’s Keith Olbermann 1, Adam Fowler/John Boehner 0.

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