Regulating the Internet

A recent report from the Reason Foundation highlights the problems and possible unintended consequences of proposed FCC “network neutrality” regulations on the wireless industry. It can be viewed here.

The report notes the technological innovation and declining prices that have developed in wireless services and products, concluding the following:

And it has all happened without government oversight, guidance, control or taxpayer-funded interventions of any kind. Consumers are highly satisfied, companies have not needed to be bailed out, and the prospects for further innovation are brighter than ever. It should be a source of serious concern to consumers that the federal government considers this area of private commerce to need aggressive new layers of regulatory control.

To sum it up, government regulators intend to heap further regulation on a thriving and competitive industry that has been responsible for great technological advances in the last several years. The likely result: less competition and less technological advances.

It reminds me of this humorous quote from Ronald Reagan concerning government’s misguided treatment of the economy:

If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.

2 Responses to Regulating the Internet

  1. SYoung says:

    It’s 1984, finally.

  2. […] role in regulating communications in the name of the supposed “public interest”  here, here and […]

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