Government Dependence Getting Popular?

According to this recent New York Times story, food stamps are not only becoming popular, but the stigma traditionally associated with them is dwindling. What’s particularly disturbing is that some are touting the program as a means to economic growth.

Here’s one telling quote from the story:

Neighborhood groups recruit clients at churches and grocery stores, with materials that all but proclaim a civic duty to apply — to ‘help New York farmers, grocers, and businesses.’

posted on a similar story last week, where the Secretary of Agriculture was promoting food stamps (now euphemistically called the “Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program” because of the stigma associated with the old name) as a part of the economic recovery. I also addressed the flawed logic in that thinking in the post.

What’s especially worrisome is that not only is dependence on government on the rise, it’s now becoming popular in some circles.

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