Stimulating Government

A recent story from the St. Petersburg Times attempts to highlight the impact of last year’s stimulus bill on local jobs. It touts as examples of the supposed benefit to jobs all of the following:

  • renovations to a public housing complex
  • more work for companies to construct “affordable” (read: government-subsidized) housing
  • funds to help “teachers keep their jobs”
  • funding of research at the University of South Florida
  • employment at Tampa International Airport and the Tampa Port Authority
  • “kept police officers and firefighters working”

Notice the trend: All of these examples are either government jobs or government projects. The major benefactor: local governments and their employees.

Also, keep in mind that the “funds” used to pay for this “stimulus” represent money no longer available to individuals in the private sector to spend and invest as they see fit. Perhaps the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” should have instead been named the “Increase in Government Employment and Debt Act.”

2 Responses to Stimulating Government

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