One Year of Blogging

Today marks one year since my first (very simple) post on this blog. I’ve hopefully gotten a lot better at this since then. This makes my 331st post.

To note this one-year mark, here’s a list of this blog’s top posts (the most viewed) since then:

  1. Lies, Name-Calling and Distortions (9/10/09)
  2. Your Recovery Dollars at Work (10/20/09)
  3. Nation’s Top Accountant: We suffer from a fiscal cancer (3/24/09)
  4. Cost Projections and Rail (12/4/09)
  5. Sinkholes and Optimism (1/16/10)
  6. Made-up Recovery (11/16/09)
  7. Abortion Amendments Voted Down (9/30/09)
  8. Paying for Spending Now Insignificant? (2/28/10)
  9. A Warning from the CBO Director (11/19/09)
  10. A Year of Bailouts (10/3/09)

Thanks to those who have taken the time to read and leave comments on this blog over the last year.

2 Responses to One Year of Blogging

  1. George Garner says:

    Great job!!! Keep it up. GG

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