Another Government/Private Sector Pay Comparison

Still not convinced that government workers make more than their counterparts in the private sector? A new USA Today report may help convince you. The paper’s recently released analysis of federal data notes some interesting details.

I’ve written on the pay gap several times before (here and here and here), but this new report explicitly shows a side-by-side comparison of like jobs. It found that in 83 percent of jobs, the average federal pay is higher — not to even mention the disparity in benefits. For example, the average secretary working for the federal government made $44, 500 in 2008, while the average private-sector secretary made only $33, 829 — a disparity of more than $10,000.

Here is a sample from a chart from the report:

Job Federal Private Difference
Airline pilot, copilot, flight engineer $93,690 $120,012 -$26,322
Broadcast technician $90,310 $49,265 $41,045
Budget analyst $73,140 $65,532 $7,608
Chemist $98,060 $72,120 $25,940
Civil engineer $85,970 $76,184 $9,786
Clergy $70,460 $39,247 $31,213
Computer, information systems manager $122,020 $115,705 $6,315

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, USA TODAY analysis

As I’ve noted before, free from market forces, government (particularly the federal government with its ability to print more money) manages to escape the need to actually provide services in an efficient manner. The taxpayers are stuck paying for the bloated payroll and benefits.

Can any of this be justified in a time of recession when the unemployment rate is still near 10 percent? Can it even be justified in a time of economic boom? Doubtful.

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