Is Obamacare the ‘Christian’ Thing to Do?

With health-care “reform” poised to possibly pass today, it’s interesting to note how many supporters of this bill have based part of their arguments on an appeal to Christians — especially given their usual reluctance in other matters to mix government and religion. Take for example this recent article from the Center for American Progress (CAP) touting the bill as reflecting “Catholic social teachings.”

Here’s one interesting claim from the article:

… the Catholic Church has been a consistent advocate for comprehensive health care reform, with the government playing a key role in the organization and provision of services.

Another example is this segment from MSNBC a week or so ago. It criticized Glenn Beck’s take on the “social justice” movement in modern Christianity.

Supporters of what has been dubbed “Obamacare” have claimed that the provisions in “reform” represent the “Christian” thing to do, as if Jesus went around preaching that the answer to everyone’s problems was more government control of their lives. He didn’t.

The central message of Christ was a message of salvation for sinners. The “good news” (or the “gospel”) of the Bible was that there is salvation for the lost through faith in Christ, not that there is salvation for the uninsured through government regulations.

Proponents of the type of Christianity that sees Jesus as a figure chiefly concerned with “social justice” typically cloak their own political beliefs in the veil of religion. Their political beliefs matter more to them than their religious beliefs.

In doing so, they often end up taking passages in the Bible out of context to suit their political ideology. Unfortunately, their particular ideology is that of the “social gospel” and “liberation theology.” This ideology views salvation and liberation for individuals as a matter of material well-being and equal distribution of resources. A chief tenant of this movement has been the  “redistribution of wealth” — read: government-sanctioned theft. However, stealing, the last time I checked, was prohibited by one of the Ten Commandments.

But don’t tell that inconvenient fact to the supporters of Obamacare. That may force them to hijack another religion to achieve their political goals.

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