Obamacare and Federalism: Hillsborough

There’s already evidence of Obamacare’s negative effects on federalism in Hillsborough County. A recent St. Petersburg Times report notes that county officials are already looking at ending the county’s tax used to pay for health care for the indigent.

While such a move would potentially reduce the sales tax burden on county residents by eliminating the half cent used to cover the care (unless, of course, those proposing to use the half cent on other programs get their way), it would also represent a shift in authority to the federal government. Along with that shift comes a host of new taxes used to pay for health-care “reform” from everything to taxes on medical devices to taxes on individuals who do not obtain the government-approved level of health insurance.

It’s an old adage that the government closest to you governs better. Proponents of health-care “reform” don’t really seem to care about what actually works better, though.

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