Coincidentally, on the official “Census Day,” my household received a second 2010 Census form to fill out. Not a different one, the same form. I had already filled the original form out a few weeks ago and returned it; you know, because I didn’t want that fine.

The Census Director explained why on his blog:

… for areas of the country that have traditionally returned the mailed form at lower rates, we will mail a replacement questionnaire … in some areas, we will mail a replacement form to every address, whether they returned a form or not.

That’s typical government efficiency for you. Makes me wonder what would happen if I filled it out again. Would my community get even more federal government money that is supposedly our “fair share” (read: money from other taxpayers for activities and programs not authorized by the U.S. Constitution)?

Perhaps I should have some fun this time by returning it with a note attached quoting Art. 1, Sec. 2 of the Constitution, which authorizes the “actual enumeration” of people, not their race or ethnicity and definitely not other information that is included in the longer form known as the “American Community Survey.” Then again, why waste money to mail it back and have it go through the system again? Enough money has already been wasted on these questions and the dubious government activities they enable.

* The preceding was originally posted on the Young Americans for Liberty blog.

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