More Spending on Government Employment

Spending is something politicians in Washington rarely grow tired of, despite any amount of soaring debt. Perhaps that explains President Obama’s recent push in a letter to congressional leaders to appropriate more money (the government doesn’t have) to go toward preventing supposed “massive layoffs of teachers, police and firefighters.”

The president’s use of the word “emergency” to characterize the need for these “additional measures to spur job creation” is the typical rallying cry of all government intervention. That job creation, however appears to be mostly in government — much to the detriment of the majority of taxpayers working in the private sector.

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=obama+economy&iid=9030727″ src=”″ width=”234″ height=”149″ /]Though Obama urged the expansion of small-business loans and tax credits, he was also concerned about the effect of the economic downturn on state and local government employment. He even used as part of his argument for increased funding to public employment the costs that would be needed to help those axed government employees look for work, seemingly justifying a larger expense (the cost of full employment) by warning of a lesser expense (the cost of helping those former government employees find future employment).

He proposed all of this under the guise of referring to increased government spending as what many politicians are guilty of calling it: “investments.” We aren’t spending more money we don’t have, thereby either increasing our debt or spurring inflation through money printing; we are “investing” in our country’s economic recovery and “[fulfilling] our economic potential.”

Just how such Keynesian-minded spending is beneficial in the long-run is not clear. Government taking money from the private sector and spending it on government isn’t exactly the correct way to spur an economy already saddled with the meddlesome load of too much government intervention and spending.

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