One Nation Working Together … for Socialism?

Today is the big “One Nation Working Together” rally. The rally’s website lists a load of ‘progressive’ organizations spanning the political spectrum … the far left side of it. The list is full of many communist and socialist organizations who are endorsing the event.

Here is a small sample:

  • Progressive Democrats of America – NYS and NYC
  • Progressive Congress Action Fund
  • People’s Organization for Progress
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Physicians for a National Health Program
  • New York City Democratic Socialists of America
  • National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth
  • National Immigrant Solidarity Network
  • National Alliance Against Racist and Political Oppression, Chicago Branch
  • Minnesota Coalition for a People’s Bailout
  • International Socialist Organization
  • Illinois Single Payer Coalition
  • Humanist Party, New York City Chapter
  • Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley
  • Ex-Offenders Association of PA
  • Equality Wisconsin, Inc.
  • Detroit Democratic Socialists of America
  • Democratic Socialists of America
  • Demand Equity Now
  • Communist Party USA (CPUSA)

Sadly, I, and many that I know, will not be able to make it to the rally today. We are not socialists, so many of us will be at our jobs.

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