500th Blog Post!

This is my 500th post to this blog. To celebrate, below are links to the 10 most viewed posts from those 500. Note that, although they are part of the 500, I excluded the polls that I’ve posted from this top 10 list:

  1. Lies, Name-Calling and Distortions
  2. Your ‘Recovery’ Dollars at Work
  3. Census Fine
  4. French Equality Veils Liberty
  5. The Individual Mandate and the Constitution
  6. Another TARP Spending Idea and Keynesian Economics
  7. Nation’s Top Accountant: We suffer from a fiscal cancer!
  8. Virginia Nullifies Individual Mandate
  9. Cost Projections and Rail
  10. More From the Judge on the Constitutionality of the Individual Mandate

Thanks to those who have actually taken the time to read any of my posts and/or comment on them!

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