Politicizing a Tragedy

As can be expected, pundits and idealogues have capitalized on a tragedy to support their political aims and cast their political opponents in a bad light. Despite still not having an accurate picture of the beliefs motivating a clearly disturbed individual, many in the media have been all too quick to place the blame on the recent tragedy in Arizona on what they view as hateful and violent rhetoric from those on the right of the political spectrum.

It’s a tried and true tactic of politics to shut down opposition speech by demonizing those speaking. One variant of this tactic is to call the speakers racist. The variant used in the case of the Arizona shootings has been to demonize the speech itself as somehow leading to violence.

It’s a shame such a sad event has been twisted by some to score political points. But that’s the sad state affairs that is politics in an era when increased government intervention in our lives is the trend. As the amount of activities regulated by government increases, so does the amount of activities that become politicized. Now every event in our lives, including terrible events like this, are subject to partisan politicization.

May our prayers be with the victims and their families. And may our partisan attacks take a much-needed break.

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