About Me

My name is Adam Fowler. I’m a published opinion writer who has both a master’s and bachelor’s degree in political science, with a minor in mass communication (focus on journalism). I’m a Baptist, and politically I lean libertarian/conservative. I currently work in the government relations department of a private company.

My writing tends to focus on political and social issues. My columns, and sometimes excerpts from my columns, have appeared in the following places: The Tampa Tribune, The Oracle (University of South Florida), RationalReview.com, FSUNews.com, FreeRepublic.com, the Web site for PBS Washington Week, The Kentucky Kernel, The Independent Florida Alligator, The Ka Leo (University of Hawaii at Manoa), The Battalion (Texas A&M) and the Web site of the Advocates for Self-Government. My blog posts have also been featured on the Young Americans for Liberty blog, Scriptus and other sites.

The main purpose of this blog is basically for me to share my cynical thoughts on the activities of government. While cynicism for the sake of cynicism is not always helpful, I do believe that one good way to protect against abuse on the part of government is for citizens to always view it from a cynical perspective.

You can email me at adamfowlersopinion@yahoo.com.

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