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This is an archive of all of the columns I’ve written for the Tampa Tribune and the Oracle, as well as several non-published columns.


Teacher Merit Pay in Florida: Were There Any Merits? (04/15/10) – exclusive!

Sinkholes and Optimism (01/15/10) – exclusive! 

Government Creates Monopolies? (08/28/09) exclusive!

Belts or Else (07/11/09) – exclusive!

An auditor who doesn’t audit (06/21/09) – exclusive!

The politics of problems and “solutions”: a cynical perspective (04/04/09) – exclusive!

Rhetoric trumps substance in SCHIP expansion debates (10/09/07) – exclusive!

Quit Picking On Wal-Mart (08/08/06)

Don’t Bet Your Life That Government Will Come To The Rescue (05/31/06)

Religious Incursion Tempts Faithful To Overreact (04/29/06)

Professorial Rants Par For The Course (03/30/06)

Aquittal Caps Numbing Wait For Juror (02/28/06)

Freedom Of Speech … But Not For The Fast-Talking (01/30/06)

The Greatest Christmas Gift Of All (12/25/05)

Faith Is A Lesson Parents Can Teach (12/17/05)

Still Looking For My ‘Economic Spin-Off’ (11/19/05)

Gas Pump Dispenses Painful Economics Lesson (10/15/05)

Right To Property Prevails Over Personal Views On Morality (09/16/05)

In A World Of Sin And Death, There Is Hope (08/23/05)

Why Liberals Seek A `Mainstream’ Supreme Court Nominee (08/04/05)

It takes more than two to tango (07/18/05)

Liberty Provides Similarities Between Patriot Act And Social Security (07/16/05)

Tax breaks for companies hurt the citizens (07/11/05)

Supreme Court ignores God-given rights (07/06/05)

Disapproval not the same as discrimination (06/27/05)

Get in touch with inner libertarian (06/23/05)

Personal beliefs don’t give the right to meddle (06/13/05)

School vouchers best way to break education monopoly (06/06/05)

Pharmacists reserve right to refuse service (06/01/05)

People’s right not to rely on government (05/23/05)

Oracle, others ignore shadow side of sex (05/16/05)

Some words from a graduating columnist (04/26/05)

State has every right to put flags in classrooms (04/19/05)

Proposed law would not open floodgates of denial (04/12/05)

Risks in privatizing Social Security worth it (04/05/05)

Libertarians balk at Schiavo case (03/29/05)

The art and science of politics (03/22/05)

One nation a.d. (03/08/05)

Eminent disaster (03/02/05) – exclusive!

Religious insanity (03/01/05)

Harvard president shocks campus with comments on gender differences (02/22/05)

Distinction between facts, opinion governs free speech (02/15/05)

‘Sugartime’ not worth our money (02/08/05)

Liberalism running rampant in university settings (02/01/05)

Denying the foundation of our rights, revisited (01/31/05) – exclusive!

Condom cartoons, not funny at all (01/18/05)

It’s a question of principle (01/12/05)

Charity does not equal charity (11/29/04)

Racism has no place in politics (11/22/04)

Veterans deserve recognition more than one day a year (11/15/04)

Ignorant voters present on both sides (11/08/04)

Reason behind casting the vote, as important as process (11/01/04)

Scare tactics won’t work (10/25/04)

Faith always a factor in policy making (10/18/04)

Gay rights should not need legislation (10/11/04)

Draft not likely (10/05/04)

War in Iraq about freedom, not ‘O.I.L.’ (09/28/04)

Death and suffering (09/20/04) – exclusive!

Freedom of religion does not call for banning it altogether (09/20/04)

Arnold on elephants (09/14/04) – exclusive!

What goes around comes around (08/30/04)

Government pays enough of our tuition (08/24/04)

The party for the Dems (07/26/04) – exclusive!

Flip-flop Kerry comments on abortion (07/12/04)

Freedom remains under fire from Left (07/07/04)

Scrapping the F-bomb (06/28/04)

Stop the name-calling, already (06/21/04)

Unemployment not Bush’s fault (06/14/04)

The loss of an anti-government president (06/10/04)

Conservative does not necessarily mean rich (06/02/04)

Michael Moore a nuisance, nothing more (05/24/04)

Minimum wage — a curse not a blessing (04/22/04)

Not all pay equally on Tax Day (04/15/04)

Government shouldn’t force-feed charity (04/08/04)

Don’t quote the Book, unless you stick by it (04/01/04)

Society must learn to stomach personal responsibility (03/18/04)

The passion behind ‘The Passion’ (03/04/04)

Don’t mess with the Constitution (02/26/04)

Democrats can’t catch NASCAR dads (02/19/04)

Are we as free as we think? (02/12/04)

Lack of WMDs does not mean Bush lied (01/29/04)

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