Shutting Biden Up

May 5, 2009


Studies Show Positive Tilt to Media’s Obama Coverage

May 3, 2009

This AP report notes that two studies have indicated that media coverage of Obama in his first 100 days has been much more positive than that of Presidents G.W. Bush and Clinton. One study from the Center for Media and Public Affairs found that:

The tone of comments by reporters and sources on the three networks reflected positively on Obama in roughly the same proportions, 57 percent on ABC, 58 percent on CBS and 61 percent on NBC. Bush faced a two-thirds negative reaction, and Clinton 44 percent in the same period.

And here are the results of another study:

Another independent think tank, the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, did a more extensive look at media outlets and judged 42 percent of news stories, editorials and columns were pro-Obama. Clinton was 27 percent positive and Bush 22 percent positive in a similar evaluation.

There’s really no surprise here. It’s just nice to see scientific studies to back up what is the perceived common knowledge of media coverage of the current White House occupant. Representatives from news organizations in the studies were quoted in this story basically dismissing the studies instead of seeing them as indicative of biased coverage. This quote from a CBS producer is really noteworthy:

The newscasts reflect reality, said Rick Kaplan, executive producer of the “CBS Evening News.” He said he believed that the president has done extraordinarily well. “Everybody, including Republicans, would have to say that his first 100 days have been great,” he said.

“Everybody” thinks the first 100 days have been great? What hole has he been buried in for the last 100 days?

CNN “Reporter” Skews Tea Party Coverage

April 17, 2009

Here is a clip from CNN’s coverage of the Tax Day Tea Parties. Notice the clearly biased indignation the “reporter” has for the man and the crowd.