A Permit to Study the Bible?

This story from Fox News notes a development in San Diego that involves a local pastor and his wife being told they cannot hold Bible studies in their home without a permit from the county. Apparently, the county requires those who use their own personal property for what it deems a “major use” to apply for a permit that could cost thousands of dollars.

The couple’s attorney was quoted as saying:

“The government may not prohibit the free exercise of religion,” Broyles told FOX News. “I believe that our Founding Fathers would roll over in their grave if they saw that here in the year 2009, a pastor and his wife are being told that they cannot hold a simple bible study in their own home.”

An original report from a local news station noted that apparently the group was only made up of around 15 people. The county refers to this small Bible study as an “unlawful use of land.”

That’s right, the local government requires that individuals get permission from it before they can hold a religious assembly. Sounds like something that would happen in California, doesn’t it?

A video of a Fox News interview with the couple and their attorney can be viewed here.

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